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Western, along with many other universities, recognize that plagiarism and other forms of academic dishonesty have been made easier since the advent of the internet and the availability of electronic texts on CD-ROM.

Once uploaded to the site, a paper is compared to billions of pages of content located on the Internet and Turnitin's local databases of submitted papers. The results of the comparisons are compiled into an Originality Report.

Getting Started - Setting up your User Profile
  • go to www.turnitin.com
  • click create a new user profile
  • follow the on-screen instructions
  • use your UWO email address as your Turnitin user name
  • new users can use the student class enrollment wizard to enroll in their class
Logging In to Turnitin
  • go to www.turnitin.com
  • at the top right, enter your UWO email address as your user name
  • enter your Turnitin user password
  • click login to open your Turnitin homepage.
Enrolling in a Class
  • click on enroll in a class button from your hompage
  • enter class ID and enrollment password (provided by instructor)
  • click submit
Submitting a Paper
  • to open your class portfolio, click a class name from your homepage
  • class portfolio contains the assignments created by your instructor
  • you can submit a paper in two ways:
    • file upload, single file upload in MS Word, Wordperfect, RTF, PDF, Postscript and HTML formats
    • cut and paste, cut and paste text into text box
  • to submit a paper, click submit button next to desired assignment
  • select the submission format from the submission pulldown menu
  • enter the appropriate information associated with the selected submission format
  • when completed the submission, click submit
  • click the portfolio icon to return to your class portfolio


User Manuals and Transition Guides are available in PDF format from the Turnitin site.

Updated: August 22, 2003         Contact: turnitin@uwo.ca