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What are the benefits of using Turnitin?

  • reduction and possible elimination of academic dishonesty at Western
  • degrees from Western will carry more credibility when plagiarism is reduced
  • faculty will not have to invest time to track down internet sources for essays
  • students can submit papers electronically from any internet connection
  • students' intellectual property and rights are protected by Turnitin's privacy pledge

How does Turnitin work?

  • assignments are submitted electronically by instructors or students
  • each submission is compared with:
    • Turnitin's local databases of submitted papers
    • billions of content pages located on the Internet
  • results are compiled into a special 'originality report'
  • reports analyzed to judge if the similarities are legitimate or plagiarized

Instructions for:


  • Faculty should ensure that their students are informed about use of plagiarism software, by using the statements provided in the Course Outlines section of the Handbook of Academic and Scholarship Policy.

User Manuals and Transition Guides are available in PDF format at the Turnitin site.

Updated: August 22, 2003         Contact: turnitin@uwo.ca